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EpicWorld has changed!  I have updated EpicWorld to make it better!  I hope everyone likes the changes!
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These are some smileys you can use in the forums.  In order to use them you must right click the smiley you want to use and then click "copy image url".  After that go to where you need to type and click the image/picture icon at the top of the text box and paste the image url in there and then your smiley should show up!  Note:  These smileys can only be used in the forums and the news and updates section.  Credit it to Pic4ever.com, mazeguysmileys.com, thesmileys.com, freesmileys.org, troll emoticons, and my smiley.net!

please  sneeze

drums   crying

 no comment

facepalm      lol

 huge smile        waffle

  eminem     jaw-dropping

  spongebob        Hello


 computer rage

 burp   eating popcorn

  epic face    very sad

  high-five         clap

   O RLY       sorry


 sigh    oreo

 mario   luigi   lol!

 cartman   confused

 bored   rainbow

 thumbs up   wink

 thumbs down   typing

 peanut butter jelly

 Computer fail

 Epic Face palm

More emoticons/smileys coming soon!  Since the sidebar is too long because of the smileys, everyone will have to go to the smileys section and open that in another window.

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